Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Listen closely

By Kelli Rodda

Increased customer interaction and attentive listening put Cedar Valley Nurseries on a more streamlined track. More

A knack for natives

By Kelli Rodda

Harmony Hill Nursery commands tough selection standards for its native trees and shrubs. More

Complete control

By Matt McClellan

Tree Town USA relies on real-time inventory information to manage 5,000 acres of production. More

Out on a limb

By Matt McClellan

Foxborough Nursery completely changed its business model, and the result paid off. More

Bold moves

By Matt McClellan

Evergreen Nursery didn’t make it 150 years by standing idle. More

Product Spotlight

Endeavor Insecticide

Endeavor is an insecticide that controls aphids and whiteflies on landscape ornamentals and other listed areas. Endeavor has a mode of action that... More

Latest News

Bell Nursery acquires two growers

The new acquisitions, Bentwood Farms and Blue Ridge Growers, will add to Bell's perennial production. More

Heliospectra AB's U.S. patent application approved

The patent focuses on LED light optimization and work efficiency processes. More

EAB may have spread to different tree

The invasive pest appears to be attacking more than ash trees. More

Cherry Lake Tree Farm plans "Trail of Trees" events

The nursery teamed up with the Florida Urban Forestry Council to teach elementary school students the value of trees. More

Rocky Mountain forests face triple threat

Tree deaths are increasing, and a new report blames insects, wildfires, and the combination of heat and drought. More

UK launches campaign to protect historical trees

An organization wants to create a national register to protect historically significant trees. More

Water 'thermostat' could help engineer drought-resistant crops

By ScienceDaily

Researchers have found a gene that enables plants to sense changes in water availability and adjust water conservation machinery accordingly. More

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Landscape trees for the Midwest

Author and horticulturist Scott Zanon discusses which trees nurserymen should be planting for their Midwest customers. More

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